Process Improvements
A company needs a set of processes for the departments, employees and suppliers to follow.

Processes can be set up and they support the business taking the inputs and creating outputs which are required. A process may solve a problem or function adequately but may create a new set of problems where the outputs created.

A process may need enhancement because:
  • The output is incorrect
  • Occasionally the output is wrong
  • People following the process have not been supplied with the correct information and understanding of how the outputs are used
  • It is inefficient
  • The results are delivered late every time
It is possible for Rayners Lane Consultants to determine a process failure by

  • A simple review of the process
  • Surveying the people and departments involved
  • Tracing the output back to the input
  • Root cause analysis
Rayners Lane Consultants can investigate and propose improvements to support enhanced operation.